Youth project

Young people of Kaningo helping with Ebola Prevention

During the Ebola crisis, many of the young people of Kaningo did a fantastic job working as a team to deliver healthcare advice and practical Ebola prevention measures to the community. Once the crisis was over, their feedback was that they very much enjoyed being involved and wanted more opportunities to make an active and positive contribution.

Young people on their way to the first joint meeting of the Youth Forum

CESO want to support a Youth Project which will deliver a recreation, education and civic activity programme for the young people of Kaningo. We will run a Youth Centre from the Ivor Leigh Memorial School, hosting meetings, debates and quizzes, and personal, social and health education classes. A Youth Forum will be set up, with team leaders for each type of event. The venue will also be used for meetings where the Youth Forum can meet with Community Leaders.

We will provide a TV and DVD player, newspapers, text books, refreshments and stationery, and also provide funding for the team leaders and teachers.If you would like to support our Youth Project, please use the specific link below :